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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Japan is often referred to being very humble and conservative. Japan also has the image of being a simple country full of just Temples and Shrines. This is not the case, actually you can be just as active as you want here. If you want to ride a horse, you can. If you want to paraglide off the side of a mountain you can. If you want to dive and send a letter from a submerged post box, you can. Japan's climate, landscape and culture encourage an energetic lifestyle with activities to cater to every traveller. A photo may paint a thousand words, but your genuine Japanese adventure story will capture imaginations.

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Our trip to Japan was sensational in every way.Scott Kent of Experience Japan planned a wonderful introduction to the country.We had an ambitious itinerary withevery logistical detail completely organized We were able to concentrate on every cultural ,historic and culinary highlight. Everything was memorable! I think it was the Japanese people themselves who made the greatest impression because they so often embodied the unique cultural and spiritual power of the nation.Tokyo and Osaka overflow with energy while Kyoto,Kanazawa and Takayama convey the authentic soul of Japan. If we did this again, maybe perhaps more time in the countryside where the pace is more relaxed and conducive to contemplation!... READ MORE

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"Unbelievable fresh air high amongst the Nagano, Central Alps."

Kento Shimazaki Fukuoka Prefecture

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