The Japan Borders are now open, and in brief the only things you need to prepare before coming to Japan are:

  1. A sightseeing Visa from the Japanese Embassy in your home country (This may also be eased over the coming weeks/months)

There is now no need to have;

  1. A PCR test 72 hours prior to your departure
  2. You don’t need a Guide with you for 12 hours a day every single day (You can have free days to explore Japan, just like prior to COVD-19)

You do need to show:

  1. That you have been vaccinated 3 times

It will be better and important to also:

  1. Make sure you take out Travel Insurance to cover any unforeseen incidents while in this amazing and safe country.

Other than the above, you are free to com to Japan.
And with the current depreciation of the Yen against the US Dollar, any and everybody that comes to Japan in the next few months will be getting so much better value for money compared to pre COVID years.
Having the JAPANESE YEN at JPN144 to US$1.00, you basically are getting 50% more price for value.

No need to mention, but Japan will be one of the most sort after travel destinations in the next little while. Coming to Japan sooner rather than later, means you get value for money, and also will avoid the crowds and any sign of Over-Tourism.

The Staff at Experience Japan Travel await your travels to Japan.



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