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The team at Experience Japan Travel love carefully matchmaking travellers with wonderful Japanese experiences. We are passionate about our clients entire journey, from dream, to experience, to memory. Whatever your chosen mode of travel, our goal is always the same, to provide you with a truly memorable Japan travel experience.

We are a small and very personal team located in Osaka & Tokyo, and with our first-hand knowledge we can recommend authentic and unique experiences that you may not have considered before.

The Head Office for Experience Japan Travel, is located in Osaka, only 30 minutes from the most visited city of Kyoto. Also the best access to Nara, Kobe, Himeji, Mt Koya and other popular destinations. Also with an office in Tokyo, you are well looked after at the Gateway of Japan.

Our team have traveled extensively around this beautiful country, personally trying out many of the products we use. Therefore you can be assured you are receiving the best information on accommodations, activities and Japan in general.

We are specialists in creating tailor-made itineraries that match both your travel requirements and passions. We take the time to listen to what your interests are and what you want to experience while in the country. Then with our detailed product and itinerary planning knowledge we are able to match make tourism products and experiences into a truly customized holiday for you that you can’t purchase straight off the internet.

Local Knowledge | Quality over Quantity

We spend the necessary time doing the detailed and ongoing research that is the only way to even come close to being aware of all the options available. Second, we do the miles, we visit the properties and we meet the people. And lastly, we keep our dream – to empower you to enjoy an entire journey of great experiences within Japan – foremost in our minds. Our main goal is to make you fall in love with Japan and come back for some more magic. 

Quality over quantity is one of our most important concepts, and even before you arrive into Japan you will experience this through our detailed planning process. Then from the moment you arrive at the airport until your take a seat in your return flight, you will be looked after every step of the way not as client, but more like another family member of Experience Japan Travel.

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Our Team

Our coordinators love to carefully match make travelers with wonderful Japanese experiences. We are passionate about our clients’ entire journey, from dream, to experience, to memory.

Scott Kent

Manager / Tour Coordinator

A New Zealander living in Japan for over 24 years. Let me introduce the real Japan to you all. I have a great interest in the traditional and modern Architecture of Japan, especially at the awe-inspiring Temples.

Peter Cheng

Tour Coordinator

Born and raised in Canada and now living in Japan for 14 years I can say I’ve been surrounded by beautiful scenery all my life.

Naoyuki Ida

Tour Coordinator

Raised in the capital of Japanese Culture, I know Kyoto and the Kansai area like the back of my hand. My true desire is to show and introduce the “Real Japan” to travelers.

Awards and Media


Proud Partner

Experience Japan Travel is one of Zicasso’s partners and is an award winning Travel Specialist. 
Consistently achieved an excellent overall rating above 4.80 out of 5 stars from Zicasso travelers. Delighted Zicasso travelers with excellent service and expertise. 


Proud Partner

Experience Japan Travel is a proud Agent of the Lufthansa City Center, working with other Agents throughout the World to bring clients to Japan, and introduce them to other destinations beyond Japan.

Sydney Herald

Proud Provider

Experience Japan Travel was proud to contribute our services to the Sydney Herald Newspaper that published an article focused on Kyoto, and it’s hidden spots.