The borders of Japan suddenly opened from June 2023, however, there were many restrictions put in place by the Japanese Government which made it extremely difficult for Overseas Visitors to physically come here.

However, those restrictions were slightly eased from October 2023. And then Japan started to see a very large increase in people wanting to come to Japan.

By the time the Cherry Blossom season came along at the end of March (approx. 7-10 days earlier than most years) the majority of Sightseeing locations throughout Japan, especially Kyoto were simply taken over by Overseas Visitors.
A sign that COVID-19 was on the way out, and the Tourism Industry in Japan was starting up again.

All throughout COVID-19, the Japanese Tourism Industry was damaged to an unbelievable scale. However, it was THIS Cherry Blossom season, each year for the 3 years without Overseas Visitors that in some respects saved many people and Tour Agents to survive mentally.

The Cherry Blossom is a season to feel the new warm rays of the Spring sun, appreciate the flowers as they come to bloom, and generally feel the positive vibe that things are going to be all right.
This has been the way the Japanese have admired the Cherry Blossoms for hundreds and years gone by.
And it was no different again this year. In fact, this years Cherry Blossom season may have proved more important for many people.

For the lucky ones that visited Japan this Cherry Blossom season, I am sure you all loved the festive like atmosphere no matter where you went. Sure, the restaurants were all booked out, there were people everywhere, the trains and buses were full, but I am sure everyone was able to admire the Cherry Blossom flowers themselves.
For the ones that did not make it, there is always next time…..



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