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Having thousands of years in history, being conservative and unique unlike anywhere else in the world, the ‘land of the rising sun’ is waiting for you to explore and be enlightened along the way. If you’re seeking High Tech and modern cities, Temples and Shrines or Castles, or rural traditional areas of Japan, your journey is limited only by imagination. We’ll help guide you to some incredible areas matched to your interests, here are a few places that we like to go… Talk to us Now about creating your journey.

Gallery | Experience Japan Travel

It maybe a little difficult to imagine what each location is like in Japan. Please feel free to look at our   gallery of photos of this amazing Country. All photos are taken by Experience Japan Staff.

Japan’s fifth-largest city, Sapporo is a surprisingly dynamic and cosmopolitan urban center that pulses with energy.

Today, Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors.

Hakone is a popular destination as you can enjoy views of Mt Fuji and also the many natural Hot Springs.

Kyoto served as Japan’s capital for 1200 years, so with no doubt the Cultural and Traditional Capitol of Japan.

Some of the most important and largest Temples and Buddha Statues can be found at Nara.

The second largest City of Japan, and the birthplace of comedians. Experience the friendliness of the locals.

Hyogo Prefecture boasts Kobe City’s million dollar night view, Himeji Castle and Arima Onsen (hot springs) resort.

If you are wanting to see more of Rural Japan, and less crowded areas of Japan, the Mie Prefecture is a great option.

Go back in time. Also see the many Artists that reside. 

Historical and Photogenic Hiroshima. Not to mention very educational. 

A little Kyoto sitting on the Coast of the Japan Sea. Perfect setting, perfect destination and some of the best seafood available.

Step back in time with a visit to Takayama. Hillside shrines and Temples that beckon. This preserved town will mesmerize.

Matsumoto, a great balance of art, tradition, architecture and excellent photo opportunities.

Nagasaki offers a different feeling to the rest of Japan. The location that first opened up to the West.

The home of warmth, friendliness & Hakata Ramen (egg noodles).