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Kanazawa (Hokuriku Area)

From the sheer cliffs and diversified rocks along the picturesque coastline seen from Wakasa Bay, Echizen-misaki Point, Tojinbo and Noto-hanto Peninsula, to the mountainous scenery including the World Cultural Heritage Shirakawa-go Village and Kurobe Gorge, the Hokuriku region offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Japan. The Samurai culture of the Edo Period (1603-1867) flourished in Kanazawa which became a "Little Kyoto". It is a home to artistic craft products that rival those of Kyoto for their beauty and refinement, and is also known for some of Japan's most famous Zen temples. Kanazawa also is home to one of the top 3 Japanese Gardens (Kenrokuen), along with several ceramic brands and this city boasts the highest production of Gold Flake leaves. Being on the Sea Of Japan Coast, seafood in this area, especially Crab is very popular with Japanese tourists, so when in Hokuriku area, please do as the Japanese do.

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I surprised my boyfriend with this trip to Japan for his 30th birthday, and it surpassed anything I could have imagined and even surpassed my expectations of th trip despite the fact that I had been pouring over the hotels and activities for months before leaving. It was even better than I expected!! The most enjoyable part was getting to be with my boyfriend and worry about absolutely nothing. We didnt need to worry about getting train tickets, missing trains, missing tickets or any logistic that usually causes stress during a vacation like this one. We got to spend 100% of our time staying in the moment and enjoying all the food and activities without worrying about how to get to the next one. Also, shout out to our travel agent for changing the entire trip to be a month earlier due to my school schedule. She wasn't given a lot of notice and never made me feel like I was in the wrong for needing the change. She was incredible from start to finish. Every time I contacted her, I never felt like I was a bother and things were fixed immediately. One of the hotels was having a problem understanding my deadly shellfish allergy and she spoke to them several times to straighten everything out and make sure I was okay. She even met us in Osaka to take us to our hotel so we wouldn't have to stress about finding directions. She was incredible and I would recommend her to family and friends (I already have!) I would buy more sake and ramen to have with me in Los Angeles! haha! Every part of the trip was perfect, I wouldn't change anything expect maybe stay longer... READ MORE

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