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Nagasaki is similar to Hiroshima in the aspect of being nearly totally destroyed by an Atomic Bomb in August 1945. Even though a little harder to be reached if you only have limited time in Japan, Nagasaki offers history, Unesco World Heritage sites, as well as some very tasty local delicacies. If you want to get away from the crowded areas of Japan, and experience a city that the Japanese love to visit, Nagasaki is a great choice.

To access Nagasaki, a domestic flight maybe the best option, if you are coming from Tokyo or even Osaka. Or you can take the JR Kyushu Bullet train which links to the Kamome Rapid Train and can get you to Nagasaki from Osaka in approx.. 4.5 hours and Hiroshima in approx.. 3 hours.

Nagasaki still offers a city of the past, and is not overcrowded with Overseas Travelers. The local Children see Overseas Visitors as a treat and often will get the courage to say “hello” as they may have never talked to an Overseas Visitor.   The City itself is a Harbor City and often receives large International Cruise ships, and as most harbor Cities are, Nagasaki also is built on many hills and slopes.

Nagasaki is important rich in history, and was the front runner when it came to letting Europeans into Japan for trade purposes. This was done by the movement of a very famous Japanese person called Sakamoto Ryoma. You can see several areas that have statues of him, as well as locations where he resided and related history. After Nagasaki was the first port to allow trade, there was a large influx of Dutch, European and Chinese people. This influence is seen all over Nagasaki. You can see the Hollander Slopes with many European Style homes, the Shinchi China Town as well as the many Catholic Churches. The Glover Park and old residence of Thomas Glover offers a panoramic view of Nagasaki harbor. Nagasaki, and Japan for that matter wouldn't have Beer, if it wasn't for Thomas Glover.  

With the influx of Non-Japanese, the traditional religion of Japan, Shinto, was faced with the new introduction of Christianity. Japan was still ruled by the Shogun and Samurai, and banned Christianity in 1614. Any Japanese that was found praying to the Christian God, was executed or tortured. The practice of Christianity still continued but only in secret, and many Japanese moved to isolated areas or islands in Nagasaki to do so. Another superb area to visit while in Nagasaki, is the Goto-Reto Islands located approx.. 1 hour and 45 minutes from Nagasaki port. Solely for the purpose of being an area the “hidden Christians” retreated to and practiced Christianity in secret, the Goto-Reto Islands become an Unesco World Heritage Site in 2018.  Learn the history and see the Churches that supported the “hidden Christians”, not to mention the beautiful water, beaches and nature of the Goto-Reto Islands.

Showing the world that war is not something that should be repeated, there is a stark message to be seen at the Atomic Bomb Hypocenter and Archive museum in central Nagasaki. Less crowded than Hiroshima, you can take you time and let the tragedy sink in. The Archive Museum is somewhere all Japanese children will come to on a school trip during their educational years.  
There are many Temples, Shrines and gardens to see in Nagasaki and the Harbor City offers a great change to the concrete jungles of larger Japanese Cities. It is the kind of city you want to come back to again.

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Hi Scott, In a word - PERFECT - !! You listened to our brief and together over many months we formulated the plan which was executed in total without a single iccup. Along the way you threw in some lovely surprises which made our 50th very very special. The weather played the game with only two half days of drizzle, and the cherry blossoms seemed to come into full bloom sequentially as we moved along from one area to the next !! As a result of all this i ended up with 2976 photos to now review and edit !! It was altogether a challenging schedule which we simply could not have achieved on our own in the time available. To say the Assistants, Guides and Drivers were each brilliant would be a total understatement and we certainly appreciated the professionalism, kindness and friendship they showed us, each in their own way. Ineko was the best possible introduction to Japan. She was a total delight and we thoroughly enjoyed her company in Tokyo and on to Hakone. On day one she walked us 12 km in Tokyo and we loved every minute of it. Greenclass travel turned out to be a welcomed novelty for her as we travelled to Hakone where we had a wonderful time with her with lots of laughter. Also the brilliant accommodation made this special. Miyuki was at first a little unsure of our fitness levels, given our advanced years and the challenges of the Kyoto mountains. We soon overcame her fears and set out on 5 days together on vigorous and amazing sightseeing, including the incredible Miyama experience where our hosts were also exceptional. It felt like Miyuki had become family by then !! Finally in Kanazawa after a very informative and interesting day with our first guide (whos name Ive forgotten), we teamed up with Fumiko who did a brilliant job in showing us the local areas. Again i think we surprised her by our fitness level and she too saw things that were new to her, given that in depth visits with tours of 45 people are not possible. I think we might have worn her out !! Topping this off, our final fling on the Funasei boat was a riot and we loved it. Great way to finish the tour. So thank you Scott (and your team) for a unique experience where we saw and learned a massive amount. We found Japan to be a vibrant, exciting and beautiful place. The people are friendly, polite and incredibly helpful as well as being blessed with a great sense of humour - which was quite a surprise us. There is no doubt in our minds that Japan and its people stand head and shoulders above their immediate neighbours, and indeed above much of the rest of the world. There is so much we could learn from them ! Travel arrangements were excellent and we enjoyed both the public transport and the Bullet Train GranClass. Accommodation was excellent throughout with Yoshiike Ryokan and Miyama (Hisaya) being standouts. Scott the trip was expensive but at our age wisdom dictates that Value is a much better measure than Cost. In that regard you should be proud that for both Jenny & I after 50 years of travelling together, this experience ranks as equal number one for value ( the other being a 2 week adventure cruise in the Kimberly region of WA). I think this speaks for itself and once again many many thanks to you and the wonderful team. We will miss you and hope one day to return for another adventure. With Thanks and Very Best Wishes to all our new friends Jenny & Keith... READ MORE

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