Overseas Visitors to Japan often mention that Japan is THE cleanest and
safest country in the World. And we at Experience Japan would tend to agree. There is very limited crime and the majority of any lost and found items is returned to their owners.
Even being one of the most populated Cities in the World, it is hard to find one piece of garbage or a candy wrapper on the streets of Tokyo. This is the same throughout the country, no matter where you travel. Pretty amazing since there are very limited Garbage cans in the stations or on the streets. Not to mention that every single accommodation facility will be perfectly cleaned and ready for your check in.

This can also be said about the Japanese as a whole. The Japanese take pride in their presentation of themselves, and if there is any chance they may pass on a cold, sniffle or have their jacket accidentally touch you, they will instinctively rely on they way they have been brought up. The Japanese have always been a mask wearing society as many have allergies to pollen or similar allergies. Being used to wearing masks, and if there is any chance they may sneeze or cough, the Japanese will wear a mask or take similar etiquette before meeting you, getting on trains, or entering any crowded areas.

The Japanese Health care is one of the best in the World, and also most likely the cleanest. The extents taken to keep the medical centers, hospitals clean and sanitized, is simply incredible.
Of course it is important and highly recommended for all Overseas Visitors to obtain travel insurance before coming to Japan. However, if by any chance you take a fall, become ill, need emergency surgery and need to use the Japanese Health system, you can remain 100% calm and let the Japanese Medical experts take care of your needs.
Of course, unless you can speak Japanese, there will always be the language barrier. However, many Medical Centers and Hospitals do have English Speaking Staff. Also, Experience Japan Travel, is very experienced in providing our staff to also translate in medical terminology. While in the Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Kanazawa, areas our Staff can easily come to an medical facilities, and provide with the translations, documentations, and provide the needed advise on payments and insurance claims.
If Overseas Visitors have existing medical conditions, you may also be asked to provide details from your Doctors or Medical Facilities back home. This procedure and the needed details can also be advised by Experience Japan Travel Staff to make you stay, no matter how short or long, as most comfortable as possible.

So all in all, there really is no need to become anxious or nervous while in Japan.
While medical treatment is very rarely needed by Overseas Travelers, in the seldom case it is needed, Experience Japan Travel while provide all the necessary help to make you as comfortable in Japan as possible.

It is you obligation only to focus on having an amazing trip to Japan, and absorb all the great qualities of this country.