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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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The three main areas of Japan that produce high grade Japanese Tea are Shizuoka, Kagoshima along with Uji area of Kyoto. However, even though the total amount of Uji Japanese Tea may follow that of Shizuoka & Kagoshima, Uji tea is often explained to be the most refined tea of Japan. This also can be acknowledged as the costs of Uji tea is generally more than Shizuoka & Kagoshima. What's more, it is said that the Uji Tea leaves are also the origin of Shizuoka and Kagoshima Japanese tea. If you are constantly thinking of health or generally want to know about the real Japanese tea industry, come with us for a most memorable day tour of the most beautiful Tea areas in Japan. - Of course other Tea areas of Japan can also be arranged. If necessary we can arrange in depth talks of the production of Japanese Tea along with visits to Japanese Tea manufacturing companies and if the season is right you can try your hand at picking your own Japanese Tea blend. Departing from any Major City in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Himeji) let our guide take you to Wazuka-cho and let yourself submerse into an environment where no matter where you look, you can only see Japanese Tea Fields. To make this experience that little bit more satisfying, on our return from Wazuka-cho, we will take you to a semi-exclusive Japanese Tea Factory where you can try your hands at making Japanese Tea. Depending on your request we can arrange anywhere from a 30minute to 2.5 hours Tea Making experience. Without using any machinery, learn the Traditional Japanese Tea making process and all the manners and rules of sitting, pouring and drinking Tea. Get in Contact with us NOW to create a wonderful journey for you including this experience!

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Scottie was the BEST! He kept in good contact with updates and planned our trip based on OUR needs and wants. We felt we got a great overview of Japan for our 2week trip and the Cherry Blossoms were off the charts! 10+++ As were our guides. Very good English and not your typical guide that repeats themselves over and over. That is very annoying as a tourist! The variety of all the cities and landscapes we saw. Seeing all the UNESCO sites and having my Temple book with all its stamps! only have 3 empty pages. Kanazawa - The Park was exquisite! Love the chi & feel of this city! The hotel was fabulous and we had 2 of the best meals based on their recommendations. Kyoto - having a driver for all the temples was the best! And then Scottie taking us out for the whole day to sip Whisky & Sake plus takes us to the secret temple not in any guide books was very special! (Personal remarks) 4 star hotels are not the same in the US. We would have only stayed at 4.5 and above. for the Wide view train – seats 1 are least desirable – farther back is better. Honjin Hiranoya has a free shuttle - found that out when we asked for a taxi - not sure if they will pick up guests arriving & the walk with luggage takes more like 15 minutes – TI next to station with map was very helpful. In Hakone we had no guide and communication was difficult as we wanted a driver to take us to see the temple, the lake & then to Odawara. It didn't happen but we did see Mt Fuji from the train..better than nothing. Ryokans - I thought we would be staying at a place more like a B & B than a hotel. Not as charming as I had envisioned. The one in Takayama really did a better job of creating more hominess and explaining how it all works. Osaka Hotel was in the train station which would have been helpful to know on our itinerary. Slight mix up as guide was on the platform and we assumed she would be on the other side of the exit gate. My personal thoughts - the trip should get better as it goes along and Kyoto was the main reason we even went. That hotel was only 4 star because they put a toothbrush & some cheesy amenities in the bathroom. The room was small with cheap furniture. it was disappointing after the Kanazawa experience.... READ MORE

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