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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Hanami - Cherry Blossom Season

Once the Cherry blossom buds start to swell, so do the hearts of all Japanese, young and old. Cherry blossom season is the start sign that winter is over and the warmer days are coming (nights are still cool though). The Blooming of the Cherry Blossoms is a hard thing to judge and depending where you are in the country, as the timing is slightly different. Generally you would need to be in Japan around 20 March to 10 April, as the peak periods would most likely be with in this range. The good thing about the Cherry blossom season, is that it is pretty much a free activity. All you have to find is a good park with a large amount of Cherry blossom trees, then buy a few drinks and snacks, and all you have to do after that is drink and be merry under the Cherry Blossom trees. If it is a weekday, selected Japanese salary-men will usually try to get good positions around lunch time (using picnic sheets) and if you stumble over one of these locations, you know it will be a popular area later in the evening. If it is the weekends, the out of the city sites are highly recommended to visit as they will be filled with University students, Families, and every other type of person. A free activity and it is most likely the Local will use the power of alcohol and Sale and start up a Cultural conversation with you. An Experience that will last you a lifetime and you will see how the Japanese enjoy on of the four seasons. Please ask our team for hints on this vibrating period of the year. Get in Contact with us NOW to create a wonderful journey for you including this experience!

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Hi Scott, The family has returned in The Netherlands. They have had a faboulous trip in and around Japan. The guide om the last day was beter, at least they ould talk and understand eachother. Unfortunately the guide had not been able to collect the tablet, as the hotel would not pass it. So they went by the hotel to pick it up. They had an amazing cruise, beatuiful time of the year and enjoyed Hong Kong after Japan. Thank you very much for taking care of my guests. I hope we will be in contact for new guests ! Best regards,... READ MORE

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"Miyama is a small historic Village abot 1.5 hours from Kyoto. There are 50 houses here, but 38 of these are traditional thatched roof houses."

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