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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Learn, be impressed and then Sip your first Japanese Sake.

As is Beer to the Egyptian, Wine to the Romans, and Guinness to the Irish, Japanese Rice Wine or SAKE is highly related to the Japanese Culture. All Major Rice producing areas of Japan generally also produce their local Japanese Sake.

There is an uncountable number of Japanese Rice Wine or Sake producing areas in Japan. Most areas also offer a behind the scenes look into how the Sake is fermented, produced and shipped off to both domestic and international destinations.  Depending on your location, we could most likely find a Japanese Sake producing company that would take you under their wings and offer you a visit to their company and offer a behind the scene tour – not to mention the tasting session afterwards. Our recommendation however, would be Hyogo prefecture (Kobe, Kasai, Ako, Himeji, etc) or Kyoto prefecture (Fushimi) as these are the areas that produce the most Sake within Japan.  We will personally produce your itinerary for the day, whether it is you want to stick close to the Cities or actually venture a little way into rural Japan (always a popular option), we will take you to a Japanese Sake area that suits you tastes.

Whether you want to visit a major player in the Sake industry or you would rather visit a family run company, just tells us your preference and let us do the rest. You may not know, but there are sweet, dry and very dry tasting Japanese Sake, and each company has their own traditional method to get their Sake to this stage. Again, depending on the region, the taste also can be very diverse. Your day can be tailored and depending on your preference Experience Japan Travel can take you to 1 location or as many as you want were time permits – If you are interested in Japanese Sake and like alcohol, how about 3 to 5 Sake producing companies in one day?  This is not a main stream experience you can easily find in Japan, but having staff that have been studying the art if Japanese Sake for many years, your satisfaction level will be extremely high and you will astonished on how deep the history and production of Japanese Rice Wine is.

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Hi Scott Quick note to say Thank you for a great trip to Japan. I learnt a lot for Rugby World Cup and also the group had a great time. Great day in Kyoto an the group really enjoyed the day. Mr Hendo the guide was very good. The first night was fun too at the Japanese restaurant.... READ MORE

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"Miyama is a small historic Village abot 1.5 hours from Kyoto. There are 50 houses here, but 38 of these are traditional thatched roof houses."

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