In these current circumstances, it still remains difficult for Overseas Visitors to enter Japan, and travel around this spectacular Country.  However, Experience Japan Travel can offer you a Virtual Day Tour of the Kansai region.  (The Kansai region includes such areas as Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe & Himeji, as well as Nara, Wakayama and many more).
All you need to do, is to tell us which area you want a Day Tour in, and we here at Experience Japan Travel, will plan an exclusive Day Tour to that are for you, and will often go below the surface and offer you the real and local Japan.
Once the Day Tour’s schedule is complete, we then will go to this area and create a virtual Day Tour for you. The Day tour can be pre-recorded for you, or if the time difference is compatible, we can proceed with a Virtual Live Day Tour.  The recorded material will be exclusive to you, and of course will be sent to you and become a memory of the Japan you wanted to see.
Please contact us to get more information on Virtual Japan Day Tours, which will be just like you are here in Japan, but without the heat, crowds and having to walk more than you need to.
We can also arrange Virtual Japan Day Tours for those people interested in Japanese Tea Ceremonies, Japanese Sake and other alcohol, and we may even be able to send these items to you, so while you are watching your Virtual Tour, you can also take part in the ceremonies or tasting.

Please feel free to enter the below captions and see brief trailers of some possible virtual tours that may interest you. (by clicking on the below icons, you will be taken to a You Tube Channel).