From October through to December 2022, Japan was still very much understaffed in the Tourism Industry, especially in the Hotel, Transportation and Restaurants sectors.

While we are still seeing a shortage of staff in these areas, the problem is slowly being fixed and we are seeing more and more Overseas Visitors enter Japan now.

Experience Japan Travel is now able to take new enquiries for past clients as well as new clients. Experience Japan Travel has over 25 years of experience in the Tourism Industry and now are willing to pour all that expertise into clients who are thinking about coming to Japan.

Experience Japan Travel will not only show you the “Must See” locations, but as we are based in the Cultural Capitol of Japan, Kyoto, you will also be able to get beneath the surface of Japan and have a real look into the daily life styles of the Japanese, as well as see areas that only the local know.

We look forward to hearing from clients that are currently considering a visit to Japan.



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