In addition to the previous blog entry about the Japanese borders re-opening, the Prime Minister of Japan is currently traveling to England (06 May) and he publicly announced that Japan would start to ease the restrictions for people entering Japan from June 2022.

Mr Kishida (Prime Minster) also used the Japanese word OMOTENASHI, which is a Japanese word used extensively for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and means WELCOME AND WE ARE PREPARED FOR YOU.

In the last month or so, we have seen more and more Overseas Visitors in Kyoto which consist of Students studying in Japan and business people.
There are more and more Overseas Visitors

walking around the Kyoto streets, which is a sight we haven’t seen for a long time. So Japan is definitely moving in the right direction and next will be the turn for those of you wanting to come to Japan for sightseeing purposes.



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