With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being postponed to July 2021, official talks have started on opening up Japan’s borders to the rest of the World.
Currently, 159 countries do not have access to Japan, however, there currently is an exception for business people, students and other people with the correct designated documents.
The current talks are considering opening Japan’s borders from 01 April 2021 as a trial for the Olympics.
The details available at the moment, have the Government considering the following process for people who want to travel to Japan for sightseeing purposes.

  • People must get the appropriate visas (if necessary) from the Japanese Consul General prior to departure from their home country.
  • People must download a Health Check application on Smart Phones or other similar devises once in Japan.
  • Must provide certification that people have a negative result for Covid19 before the depart their home country.
  • Must enter a compulsory Covid19 health insurance after arrival into Japan.

After arrival into Japan, people must use the downloaded application for 14 days – every day (or total days of stay in Japan if under 14 days in length), but by using the application, it means people do not have to self-quarantine at a hotel or similar facility.

The Japanese Government want to fix the details for travelers to Japan by the end of January 2021, and start a trial period for travelers to Japan by 01 April.

Flight departing Itami (Osaka) Airport



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