Japan’s borders will open to Sightseeing travelers from 10 June 2022 in a slow but sure fashion. (America, Europe and other countries). There will be some restrictions, with the first being travelers must arrange their travels to Japan through a Travel Agent in order to meet requirements.
Japan will be a popular destination and a destination that will not have enough Travel Agents to cater for all the new visitors to Japan.
It is important for you to book well in advance so that all your arrangements can be taken care of in a professional way.

According to the WEF (World Economic Forum) that took place in Davos (Switzerland) in May 2022, Japan is ranked number one in the world as a Tourism Orientated Country. Japan is safe, has a solid infrastructure for tourism in the means of accommodation, transportation, and also the ever so important health system. What is even better, is that the Japanese Yen is very strong offering you the extra incentive to visit Japan once more.



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