From 01 October, Japan has officially opened it’s borders to Business people, along with people that have family living in Japan, Students, and people that have the correct working permits.
This currently for the countries that have been designated the Japanese Government. However, it means Japan is getting one step closer to allowing travelers back into Japan also.

The first flight into Kansai (Osaka) KIX International Airport yesterday (01 Oct) was a flight from the Netherlands. Due to a lot of documentation needed, and having a PCR test at the airport, it was approximately 2-3 hours for passengers to disembark the plane and then come out into the arrival lobby.
However, comments from the passengers, mentioned that Japan seems to having less and less Covid 19 infections, so there was no anxiety in coming to Japan for work purposes.

It has been approx. 6 months since flights from Europe have arrived into Japan, and for all people related, it was great news to hear.



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