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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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We will provide you with a personalised breath-taking Japan vacation. You'll receive descriptive documentation before you arrive. It'll help build anticipation and ensure you are clear about the when, where and who. Here's some other information you'll find useful.


We’re physically here in Japan. We offer 24 hour, 7 day support by phone for you while you’re visiting our beautiful country. If you have any changes, additions or complications with the arrangements we have made, you’ll be able to talk to us.


Some activities are weather dependent, and if any of these are cancelled by the operator then a full refund will be paid back to you if an alternative departure is not suitable.


We will prepare a final itinerary and vouchers which will be electronically sent to you prior to your arrival in Japan.


We strongly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive Travel Package type Insurance that includes Trip Cancellation Protection and Emergency Medical Evacuation. We also suggest you take the insurance out with a company that is local to you, as this should facilitate the process if you ever needed to make a claim. Two of the larger Insurance companies may be Travel Guard and/or Travelex. If you would like to view the homepages, please go to http://www.travelguard.com/  or https://www.travelexinsurance.com/ .

Money and ATM's

The Japanese Postal system has recently linked its ATMs to the international Cirrus and PLUS networks, and the 7-Eleven convenience store has now followed suit, so as long as your bank card has a Cirrus or PLUS symbol on the back of it, you can go to a Post Office or a 7-Eleven convenience store to get money put of the ATMs there.  Unfortunately ATM's in Japan do not take Credit Cards even when using you Pin Number.  
Of course  it always makes sense to carry some cash and credit cards too.

Exchanging Money

You can change cash or travellers cheques at most banks, major post offices, discount ticket shops, large hotels and most big departments stores.  Note that the discount ticket shops known as Kaku Yasu Kippu Uriba in Japanese often have the best rates. If you are at the airport, changing money into Japanese yen, especially for the first few days is also a positive start to your stay in Japan.


Japanese electricity is 100V AC. 
Tokyo and Eastern Japan are on 50Hz, and western Japan (Osaka, Kyoto) are on 60Hz. Most electrical items fro other countries will function on Japanese Current.
Japanese Plugs are the flat two-pin type and you can see the type per the attachment.



Mobile Phone & Data

SIM cards are readily available throughout Japan for purchase for use in your own mobile device for voice and data services. Many hotels do not offer free Wi-Fi in room, but do offer Wi-Fi complimentary in lobby areas.


Tipping is not a requirement within Japan. Generally, all industries in Japan pay their employees well, so a Tip is not necessary.  Hotels, Guides, Taxis, etc are no exception and these people most likely would not know what to do with a tip if they received it.  Keep you Tip money for that extra gift or bowls of Soba Noodles.


In Japan we drive on the left hand side of the road (opposite to U.S.). So you will have to familiarize yourself with driving in Japan and the laws and regulations. Some Signs are in English, but the majority are in the Japanese Language.
You can arrange an International Drivers license before coming to Japan, but as the local transport system is fully developed, we suggest you leave the driving to another time.

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