The 100% pure Coffee shops of Japan are called “Jun Kissaten”. While there is no exact translation of Kissaten into English, these Coffee Shops offer an extraordinary chance to peek into the local daily lifestyles of the Japanese. It will take you back in time to almost 70 years ago. It also gives you a chance to drink and eat the food that becomes a routine for many Japanese.
Even after the introduction of the modern Cafes, Terrace Cafes, and they large chain coffee stores, The local Japanese Coffee Shops have a true core of regulars, that usually want to have some simple food and drinks, and relax as long as they want.
While the younger generation tend to go to the fashionable Cafes, and the large chain stores, the predominant customer for the Coffee Shops, are people that live in to local area close to the Coffee Shops, or businessmen. Although, there are always younger people that have heard how “different” the Coffee Shops are from the Cafes, or simply want a simple meal without all the crowds.
The Coffee shops usually open early, and offer a “morning service”. The traditional Morning Service is made up of a thick piece of buttered toast, a small salad, and a boiled egg along with a cup of coffee. All for usually less that 500 yen depending on the location. Of course, there are usually 2 or 3 different “morning sets” you can choose from. Many businessmen or locals come to have this morning service before they reach their office or come to have the set instead of making breakfast at home.
After the morning is over, many of the Coffee Shops will then offer lunch also. The lunch menu usually has a little more to choose from. The traditional lunch of a Coffee Shop would be a sandwich set, such as egg sandwiches, ham and lettuce or even fruit sandwiches, which is something I have never seen in any other country than Japan. Fruit sandwiches literally have strawberries, kiwifruit, or other fruit in slices of bread along with a whole lot of cream. However, the lunch menu also offers, Curry Rice, Fried Rice, and the simple but most popular Napolitan Spaghetti dish which is ketchup based. All of course come with the choice of Coffee or another drink option.
Most of the Coffee Shops will close at 5PM but the lunch menu and sometimes the “all day” morning set can be ordered right up to the closing time.
The food, the coffee are all delicious but simple and affordable. However, it is not only the food and coffee, but these Coffee Shops offer you a chance to relax at an “at home” atmosphere, and also see different side of local Japanese lifestyles. Next time you want to have a break, but not in the crowded and modern cafes, this may prove to be a great Japanese Experience for you.



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