Japan Itineraries –
Tailor made personal Trips

Feel free to have a look through some sample Itineraries and then contact us to create one especially for you. All our itineraries are tailor-made and these are samples that our clients have personally experienced.

Even if you are limited in the amount of days in Japan, but want to do things in style the following is the ultimate in all tours to Japan. 

For people that are interested in not only the sights of Japan, but also interesting in seeing and learning about the culture of Japan.

A perfect choice of a Japan Tour if you want luxurious Accommodation and a close knit family. 

A perfectly paced itinerary when looking at the locations you travel to, as well as the amount of activeness that is included. You have the opportunity to go beneath the surface of Japan by getting off the beaten track.

If you are interested in Japanese Rice Wine (Sake) or other types of Alcohol a similar tour like these clients experienced will be a once in a lifetime memory for you. Japanese Whisky has now become the number Whisky in the World to drink.

For Travelers that have a specific purpose to come to Japan, and want to learn about the craftsmanship of blacksmiths. Great for Chef’s, Avid Cooks, and people interested in an exclusive look into Japan swords.

Exploring new territory is always a good sign that you want to see more of the real and rural Japan.

You cannot avoid the Big Cities entirely as usually that is where the Airport exists. However, a tour like this, lets you see the cities to a certain extent, but also experience the rural and natural environment of Japan. 

The word Anime and Manga are now Worldwide words understood by anyone that has seen a Ghibli Animated movie or taken a volume of One Piece, Dragon Ball and countless other comics.

If you are interested in the Japanese Textiles of old and new, this maybe not only educational but also may give you creativity. You can see the modern and the traditional fabrics / textiles of Japan

The ultimate tour to discover the main areas and cities of Japan. You will follow the original Tokkaido route from Tokyo to Hiroshima and then return to Tokyo via the Sightseeing Capitol of Japan, Kyoto.

The main Cities of Japan can get very busy, especially in the traditional travelling seasons. If you want to avoid some of the congestion or you would like to see more of the rural Japan, this tour is highly recommended.

A Busy World we live in, but need that Honeymoon / 5 Nights – 6 Days

Your Honeymoon plans started out as a 8 night-9 day trip. But with the busy world we live in now-a-days, those plans shrank to 7 nights-8 days. Then continued to shrink until only 5 nights-6 days.


As Experience Japan Travel is based in Kyoto, Japan, and we have had over 25 years of experience in the Tourism Industry, it allows us to create exclusive, semi-exclusive, and original experiences for our clients. Noted below are just a sample of some of these “Experience Japan Travel (EXP) Originals”, and there are many more that may suit your individual interests and needs. We are proud of these experiences, and equally appreciative to the many contacts and connections we have with special suppliers and the local Japanese people that are willing to create truly unique experiences.


Enjoy an original Hiking Experience and Lunch at a local Japanese house

Transfer to a mountain area of Kyoto, and have a day to remember with this exclusive experience. Walk part of the Kyoto Trail (approx. 4-5 hours) along a special river and then take the steep route up a sacred mountain to an important shrine at the summit (937 m) – a hike with a goal and much spiritual power to be gained by stepping foot into the Shrine. (the Shrine’s name will be advised after the booking is made). Then take another route down to a citrus producing village. Here you will be invited into a local Japanese house and have a regional style lunch. Before the lunch you will have the chance to enjoy a bath at the local house which will have some of the locally produced fruit floating in the bath with a great aroma. Mingle and talk with some locals and then return to Kyoto.


Spend a day at a Registered World Heritage Temple and have a Private Monk let you in on their secrets

Transfer by a Chartered Car with an English Speaking Guide to a very special World Heritage Temple in the outskirts of Kyoto. Start the day with any questions about Buddhism and then have a private Monk show your around the vast complex and learn their day to day activities. You will be exclusively let in to areas of this Temple that are not open to the public and along the way, you will have the chance to be within inches of several Japanese National Treasures that are not usually on public viewing. A “Shojin (vegetarian) Ryori” style lunch will be arranged in a private area, and the day then will end with a very special ceremony that the usual Overseas Visitor cannot experience. Today will be without a doubt, a priceless and life changing experience. This is a 100% exclusive experience.


Become active by Cycling through Kyoto with locals to get below the surface of the Cultural Capitol

Sightseeing is not only travelling by a private car or public transportation. Walking is also good, but how would you like to experience a special kind of sightseeing by casually cycling though your destination just like a local? You too, can create that special experience, and that special memory.
For example…… Meet your local Guides in central Kyoto or at your hotel, and then start cycling through an area that once was lined with temples, and now offers galleries, antique shops, cafes and also Japanese Household items. At a relaxing pace then ride through the grounds of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. (You may even like to stop here and enter the official palace grounds). Riding through a residential area, your next stop can be an area that is famous for producing fabrics and textiles used in the making of Kimono. You can stop at a commercial factory to see a Kimono Fashion show, and then move to a family run factory that only hand-make their Kimono where even Giorgio Armani has visited to get inspiration. These are areas that are not visited by the normal traveler. Continue to view the city sights, and make your way past one of the top Universities in Japan, as well as through Shokokuji Temple, famous to Kyoto people, to take you to the Kamogawa River. Just before the river, cycle through a local arcade to see how people go about their daily chores. Once at the river, and for the remaining 10-15 minutes, you can cycle along the riverside of Kamogawa River, passing students, people exercising, and even the bird life that depends on this river. You can drop the bikes off at a central location and be proud that you have seen more than just the surface of Kyoto.