The word Anime and Manga are now Worldwide words understood by anyone that has seen a Ghibli Animated movie or taken a volume of One Piece, Dragon Ball and countless other comics. The amazing thing about Japanese Animation and Manga is that it is not only for the children. Many adults from all over the word are fans of Japanese Animation and Manga. A great sample itinerary for those that a bringing the children and want an exclusive experience while in Japan.

Day One (Tokyo)

Welcome to Japan! As most flights arrive in the early evening into Tokyo, you will be met by your English Speaking Guide at the Airport Arrival lobby, and then taken to Tokyo Station by the Narita Express Rapid Train (If your arrive Haneda Airport, it is even closer). Tonight will be one to relax or maybe take in a welcome dinner, before the fun starts tomorrow.
(Example Accommodation : The Monterey Hotel Ginza)

Day Two (Tokyo)

Today, be introduced to Tokyo the largest City in Japan with an English Speaking Guide. Visit Tokyo’s oldest Temple, Asakusa Temple along with all the shops that line the main path to the Temple. Close by is the Sumida River where you can take a cruise. The Tokyo Sky Tree is also only a little walk away. Before returning to your hotel, visit the Hama-Rikyu Garden area which has a lake that has a High and Low tide, as the water actually comes from the Tokyo Harbor.
(Example Accommodation : The Monterey Hotel Ginza)

Day Three (Tokyo)

You will think today’s itinerary will be for the children, but the adults will be enjoying themselves also. Transfer to the famous Ghibli Museum at Mitaka. Here take you time to play with the Neko Bus, Totoro, and other characters from the Ghibli Studio. Make sure you go to the roof and see the Robot Guardian from “The Castle in the Sky”. Next transfer to Ueno Park to see the most visited Cherry Blossom park in Tokyo, and even the Giant Pandas at Ueno Zoo.
(Example Accommodation : The Monterey Hotel Ginza)

Day Four (Tokyo)

Today is an early start, but transfer to a Sumo Wrestler’s practice Dojo. See the morning session of the Giant Wrestlers. It will be a hit with the children, but also a new experience to see how physical this sport is. The rest of the day is free at leisure to explore The Harajuku and Shibuya areas which will make your eyes open very wide, as the fashion and culture of the young can be seen nowhere else in the world.
(Example Accommodation : The Monterey Hotel Ginza)

Day Five (Tokyo – Hiroshima) 

Take the Bullet train at speeds of 300 km, from Tokyo to Hiroshima. If you’re lucky you will be able to see Mt Fuji on the right hand side. Upon arrival into Hiroshima, meet your English Speaking Guide and take public transport to the A-Bomb Dome as Peace Park. The Peace Park Museum is also included, and you will see just how much damage the Atomic Bomb of 02Aug, 1945, did to this City. To make your travels smooth, your accommodation is in Hiroshima tonight.
(Example Accommodation : Granvia Hotel Hiroshima)

Day Six (Hiroshima – Kyoto)

Meet your English Speaking Guide, and visit one of the 3 most beautiful locations in Japan, Miyajima Island. Miyajima is home to the Unesco World Heritage Site, Itsukushima Shrine also known as the floating shrine. Even if the tide is out, walk out to the giant Torii Gate and see how this huge object avoids being washed or blown over even when Typhoons hit here. After the return Ferry ride, transfer to Hiroshima Station and then take the Bullet train to Kyoto (Example Accommodation : Kyoto Hotel Grande)

Day Seven (Kyoto)

Enjoy a full day in Kyoto visiting the northern areas of Kyoto City. Take in the Togetsukyo Bridge and Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, and then move to the Kinkaku-ji Temple (= Golden Pavilion) and another World Hiertage site, Ryoan-ji Temple with its rock garden. Also Stroll Nishiki-koji Food Market which has been the Kitchen of Kyoto for 400 years. Accommodation again in central Kyoto.
(Example Accommodation : Kyoto Hotel Grande)

Day Eight (Kyoto)

An exclusive arrangement. Transfer to a very special and hidden Temple in the mountains of Kyoto. Walk through the Gates and you literally feel you are in a totally different World. It was here that a very famous Ghibli Animation Museum was thought up after a very strange phenomenon. Inspiration along with refreshing the mind and soul will occur. Next visit a World Heritage temple, still in the mountains of Kyoto. Here the first Animation was drawn some 850 years ago.
(Example Accommodation : Seikoro Ryokan)

Day Nine (Kyoto-Iga-Kyoto)

Today will be another day for the children and the children at heart. Take the Express Bus from Kyoto to Iga, the home of the Ninja museum. Here have half a day taking in the Ninja shows and learning about the traditions and mysteries of the Ninja profession. Arrive back into Kyoto just before dinner time.
(Example Accommodation : Seikoro Ryokan)

Day Ten (Kyoto – Hakone)

After your Hotel check out, you will transfer from Kyoto to Hakone by Bullet train. Hakone is a Hot Springs Village and as Mt Fuji is only 30km away, offers great views of the iconic mountain. Today will be a good day to relax and soak yourself in the many Hot Spring bath. Your accommodation tonight will be in a Traditional Japanese Style Inn. For the Family, it will a great experience to sleep on the floor in the Japanese Futon.
(Example Accommodation : Hakone Yumoto Tenseien)

Day Eleven (Hakone – Tokyo)

After your Hotel check out, you will transfer from Hakone to Tokyo by Bullet train. You will have the morning in Hakone to walk the streets, take the Ropeway and even have a cruise on the Pirate Ship. Board a train approximately at 3pm and you will be into Tokyo before 5pm and plenty of time for your final meal in Japan.
(Example  Accommodation : The Monterey Hotel Ginza)

Day Twelve (Tokyo Airport)

After your Hotel check out, it only remains for you to be transferred to the Airport to connect you with your home-bound flight. We will miss you, but know that you will be leaving with some amazing memories. You will now have accomplished a lot, and as the contents are tailor-made you would have just experienced the Real Japan.