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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Best of both sides of the Main Island

9 nights 10 days

Exploring new territory is always a good sign that you want to see more of the real and rural Japan. By heading into the less crowded areas of Japan, it doesn't only allow to have more chance to mingle with the locals, try local food, but there is also a high possibility that these areas offer you a lot more Natural settings and also will make the tour more active

  • Day 01

    Welcome to Japan! If your flight arrives into Tokyo, you will be met by your English Speaking Guide at the arrival lobby, and then take the Narita Express NEX Train into Tokyo Central. From the station your English Speaking Assistant will take you to your hotel and also offer valuable information on your stay in Japan. (Tokyo: The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo)

  • Day 02

    Meet with your private English Speaking Guide and enjoy a day of Tokyo Sightseeing. This will include The Imperial Gardens, Asakusa Temple, Sumida River, Tokyo Sky Tree Tower. In the afternoon, to suit your interest in how the younger generation spend their free time and money, you will go to Harajuku, Shibuya and Akihabara. Be prepared to have your eyes opened. (Tokyo: The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo)

  • Day 03

    Today is a free day in Tokyo to explore Tokyo on your own. As there are four of you, you may want to split up and explore areas that you have an interest in. All directions and instructions will be advised prior to your departure from America. (Tokyo: The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo)

  • Day 04

    After taking a relatively casual day yesterday, today will see you travel approx.. 3.5 hours to firstly Nagano City Station and then onto Matsumoto. You hotel is walking distance from Matsumoto station and as you will arrive before midday, you have all the afternoon to walk the City that is surrounded by the Japanese Alps. Go to the Matsumoto Castle first, to avoid waiting more than you need to. (Matsumoto: Hotel Buena Vista)

  • Day 05

    Check out of the Hotel at the normal time, but before transferring to Kanazawa via Nagano by the Bullet Train, see the other sights of Matsumoto that you didn't see yesterday. Such as the Formal Kaichi School and the Nakamachi Merchant areas. The train to Nagano, and then the bullet train to Kanazawa, will let you arrive into Kanazawa before 5 pm, just in time for a special Seafood Dinner. (Kanazawa: The Nikko Kanazawa Hotel)

  • Day 06

    Meet your English Guide and Chartered Car at the Hotel and enjoy a full day of Kanazawa Sightseeing. Kenrokuen Garden is noted as one of the 3 most beautiful gardens in Japan. Right next door is the Kanazawa Castle. Your will also visit Chagaiya District with the perfectly preserved architecture of the Samurai and Geisha district. (Kanazawa: The Nikko Kanazawa Hotel)

  • Day 07

    Continue Kanazawa sightseeing in the morning with a visit to Oumi Markets, the Kitchen of Kanazawa. Nagamachi district will also offer a chance to see the Nomura House which has been the household of a Samurai Family since 1583. After lunch, transfer to Kyoto (2hrs15minutes) by the Thunderbird Train. 3 Nights at a modern but yet traditional Japanese Style In await. Accommodation is close to the amazing Kiyomizu Temple. Dinner is included at your accommodation. (Kyoto: Gion Hatanaka Ryokan)

  • Day 08

    No better way to see Kyoto than from a Chartered Car. Visit the Arashiyama area of Kyoto which is always a great introduction to Kyoto. You will see the Bamboo Forest, Togetsykyo Bridge, and then see 3 World Heritage Sites. Tenryuji Temple with the dragon on the roof and the perfect Zen Garden. Ryoanji Temple with its Stone Garden and hundreds of years of mysteries. To avoid crowds visit the Golden Pavilion in the afternoon. (Kyoto: Gion Hatanaka Ryokan)

  • Day 09

    Last day in Kyoto and Japan, but something memorable to experience. Head to the mountain area of Kyoto and walk from one Temple to another by crossing over the mountain. An easy walk for approx. 1hour. After arriving lunch will be waiting and what an experience. Sit on Japanese Tatami mats over a flowing river and eat a very traditional Lunch. With water flowing it is 5-10 degrees Celsius cooler than central Kyoto. (Kyoto: Gion Hatanaka Ryokan)

  • Day 10

    Your flight leaves from Narita International Airport, but you have plenty of time to take a well timed Bullet Train from Kyoto to Tokyo, and then change to the Narita Express Train which will take you to Narita International Airport. We will miss you, but know that you will be leaving with some amazing memories.


Thank you Soooo much Scott. Great Stay in Hakone too. The hotel in Kyoto is fantastic and had a nice dinner. Just wanted to say thank you again for showing s Osaka and having us at the Robata restaurant. Everyone was so kind, warm and charming. We all had a fantastic time. Still in the middle of sorting Japan photos this week. What a fantastic trip. Thank you so much. We cant stop thinking and talking about it.... READ MORE

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