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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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The Blades of Japan with high ethics

11 nights 12 days

If you are asked on what your image of Japan is, many people will mention Samurai, Geisha, Sushi, and even the Japanese Sword. Even though the majority of swords made in Japan now are for ceremonial or ornamental purposes, there actually are a few locations that still produce swords in the exact traditional way as they were made in the mid 1500's. We can exclusively take you to one of those locations.

  • Day 01

    Welcome to Japan! As most flights arrive in the early evening into Tokyo, you will be met by your English Speaking Guide at the Airport Arrival lobby, and then taken to your Deluxe Tokyo accommodation by a Chartered Vehicle. You may have wanted to transfer directly to Osaka, but we can save that fun until tomorrow. (The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo)

  • Day 02

    Take a early morning Bullet Train from Tokyo to Osaka. Meet with your guide at the Shin-Osaka station and be taken to an exclusive Forger(Blacksmith) that was certified by the Japanese Government in the 1500 hours to be the only place to produce Japanese Swords for the War Lords and Samurai of Japan. Swords are still made there now-a-days, but you can also see kitchen knives, scissors that use the same method of production. (Hilton Hotel Osaka)

  • Day 03

    Enjoy the major sights of the 2nd largest City in Japan, Osaka. Take in a panorama view of Osaka City from the High above Floating Garden building, and also take in the Osaka Castle a symbol of the most famous War lord's love of Gold. Also see the Dotonbori Canal area of Osaka along with the Kuromon Markets. (Hilton Hotel Osaka)

  • Day 04

    Have a Day Tour from Osaka to Himeji City by Private Car. Visit the Himeji castle or fondly known as the White Heron, not just because of the white color, but it actually looks like a Heron bird with its wings spread out. After Himeji Castle,visit a Temple complex that is on top of a mountain, and only accessible by Gondola. Walk the vast Buddhist temple and enjoy a Meditation session with the Monks, but you will most likely be the only one there (Hilton Hotel Osaka)

  • Day 05

    Transfer from Osaka to Kyoto by Private Car. Kyoto is only 1 hour away, so upon arrival you can take in several landmarks and sightseeing locations of Kyoto to break the ice in Japan's Cultural Capitol. See the Togetsukyo Bridge and Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, and then move to the Kinkaku-ji Temple (= Golden Pavilion) and another World Heritage site, Ryoan-ji Temple with its impressive rock garden. (The Ritz Carlton Kyoto)

  • Day 06

    Move away from the crowds of Central Kyoto and head to the mountains that surround Kyoto. You can walk over the mountain for approx..1 hour or take the car, but then visit 3 amazing Temples and Shrines location on the hillside. For lunch, you will be having an experience that you will never forget. Eat an authentic Japanese Meal while sitting on Tatami mats that are above a flowing river. True Japanese style. (The Ritz Carlton Kyoto)

  • Day 07

    Sleep in a little today, and then enjoy a casual Half day of Kyoto Sightseeing. Walk and take the local buses to the Imperial Gardens, Heian-Jingu Shrine, and then finish with a walk down the kitchen of Kyoto for over 400 years, the Nishiki Markets. (The Ritz Carlton Kyoto)

  • Day 08

    Today experience a little hidden area of Kyoto. Take a private car inland to the small, but historical village called Miyama. There are 38 preserved Traditional Thatched Roof houses here for you to walk in and around and feel the yesteryear of Japan. There are only 3 craftsman that can repair these houses. On the way back to Kyoto, take a 16 km Japanese Boat ride down the stunning Hozu Gorge. A beautiful natural setting. (The Ritz Carlton Kyoto)

  • Day 09

    The best of Kyoto and Japan continues. Visit the most visited Shrine in all of Japan, and also sample some local Japanese Sake (Rice Wine). To go hand in hand with the Sake, also experience a 1hour Japanese Tea Etiquette lesson in the Uji area. Uji is where the first Japanese Tea was produced and is slightly a higher quality than all the other Tea of Japan. Uji is the home to Byoudouin Temple which you can see on the 10yen coin and the 10000 yen note. (The Ritz Carlton Kyoto)

  • Day 10

    Today will be an exclusive arrangement. Using a Chartered Car and English Speaking Guide, travel to a very special World Heritage Temple in the outskirts of Kyoto. Have a private Monk show your around the complex and learn their day to day activities. Not to mention you will be exclusively let in to areas of this Temple that are not open to the public and be able to few some treasures that will not doubt be the highlight of your tour. A life changing experience. (The Ritz Carlton Kyoto)

  • Day 11

    Transfer from Kyoto to Tokyo by Bullet train and join the English Speaking Guide waiting at the Station for you. Enjoy half day Tokyo sightseeing by a private car showing you the Tokyo Sky Tree tower, Asakusa Temple and the upmarket Ginza Shopping district. You last meal in Japan will be in a high rise Restaurant with unbelievable nights views of Tokyo and even Mt Fuji in the dusk. (The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo)

  • Day 12

    After your Hotel check out, it only remains for you to be transferred to Narita International Airport in a chartered Car that we will provide. Your 11 nights in Japan has allowed you not only to see the culture and traditional of Japan, but taken you to an authentic Japanese Sword Maker, and let you immerse in a true Buddhist Temple. You have been able to do things not many travelers get the chance to.


Japan is beautiful, the people are friendly and helpful and polite. Their public transport system must be the envy of the world, from the Shinkansen bullet tran down to local intracity buses. We asked Experience Japan Travel to craft a highly custom trip that emphasized culture and gardens. Scott worked all our requests into an itinerary that took us through Okayama, Kurashiki, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Kameoka, Kanazawa, and Takayama with very little time in Tokyo. This was a tour of great ancient cities. Two days in Takayama coincided with the annual Spring float festival, and it was crowded, but not unpleasantly so. Experiences, not sights. We had lessons in ?Tea ceremony and its historic meaning ?Ikebana flower arranging ?Traditional bare bow archery. ?Wandering through formal gardens, where the view changes every few meters for the attentive viewer. These are what we'll remember after we have forgotten the names of the Temples, Shrines, and gardens.... READ MORE

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