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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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The busy world we live in, but need that Honeymoon

5 nights 6 days

"Your Honeymoon plans started out as a 8 night-9day trip. But with the busy world we live in now-a-days, those plans shrank to 7nights-8days. Then continued to shrink until only 5nights-6days. You may think Japan cannot be seen in such a time. But with a Honeymoon needed and Japan being high on the Honeymoon list of today, Yes! Japan can be reached. The shorter the Stay, the more tailor-made the contents become!"

  • Day 01

    Welcome to Japan! After your arrival into Tokyo, you will be met by your English Speaking Guide, and then taken to Tokyo Central Station to board your First Bullet Train to Kyoto. Enjoy the highspeed train and even try some food or drinks from the Trolley Girl. With the bowing of the staff as they leave the carriages, be treated to your first bit of Japanese politeness. (The New Miyako Hotel Kyoto)

  • Day 02

    Enjoy over half a day of Kyoto sightseeing before heading out approx..1 hour out of Kyoto to a hidden Hot Springs village for the night. While in Kyoto you can see such sights as the World Heritage Golden Pavilion, Sanjusangendo which is one of the longest/largest Wooden structures in Japan and holds 1001 Kanon Statues each with a different pose. At your accommodation enjoy the Japanese Style Inn and a private Onsen bath in your room. (Special and secret Hot Springs accommodation)

  • Day 03

    Take a novel way back to Kyoto. Take a traditional trading style boat down a picturesque river for approx.. 16km. Great nature and no matter what season animals and flowers are superb. Today also visit 2 World Heritage temples that will inspire you and remain in your memory for all time to come. On return to Kyoto Central take in a dinner meal in a restaurant located on the banks of the Kamogawa River. Very Traditional! (The New Miyako Hotel Kyoto)

  • Day 04

    After taking in Kyoto, the cultural Capitol of Japan, it is now time for you to "go modern". Take the bullet train back to Tokyo in the morning and then take in an afternoon sightseeing tour of the major Tokyo sights. If you want to try something "cultural different" at night, maybe the Robot Restaurant Show with all it's fanfare maybe of interest for the newly-weds. After the robot restaurant, walk the streets of Shinjuku and see the never-ending neon lights on parade. (Shinagawa P

  • Day 05

    A full free day in Tokyo for you to explore one of the largest Cities in the World. Head to Harajuku or Shinjuku to have your eyes open at the trendy and sometimes weird fashion that the young Japanese enjoy. Also go to Shibuya to try your luck in crossing the scrambled crossing with all the other 2000 people at one time. Tonight's dinner is arranged in one of the most deluxe Sushi Restaurants you can imagine. (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)

  • Day 06

    After your Hotel check out, it only remains for you to be transferred to the Airport to connect you with your home-bound flight. Even though your honeymoon, and a total of 5 nights, you have had some romance, seen wildlife and taken in the Tradition and Modern sights of Japan. All that remains, its to come again, but next time you will be able to more rural areas of Japan that will be totally different from what you experienced this time.


I surprised my boyfriend with this trip to Japan for his 30th birthday, and it surpassed anything I could have imagined and even surpassed my expectations of th trip despite the fact that I had been pouring over the hotels and activities for months before leaving. It was even better than I expected!! The most enjoyable part was getting to be with my boyfriend and worry about absolutely nothing. We didnt need to worry about getting train tickets, missing trains, missing tickets or any logistic that usually causes stress during a vacation like this one. We got to spend 100% of our time staying in the moment and enjoying all the food and activities without worrying about how to get to the next one. Also, shout out to our travel agent for changing the entire trip to be a month earlier due to my school schedule. She wasn't given a lot of notice and never made me feel like I was in the wrong for needing the change. She was incredible from start to finish. Every time I contacted her, I never felt like I was a bother and things were fixed immediately. One of the hotels was having a problem understanding my deadly shellfish allergy and she spoke to them several times to straighten everything out and make sure I was okay. She even met us in Osaka to take us to our hotel so we wouldn't have to stress about finding directions. She was incredible and I would recommend her to family and friends (I already have!) I would buy more sake and ramen to have with me in Los Angeles! haha! Every part of the trip was perfect, I wouldn't change anything expect maybe stay longer... READ MORE

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