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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Be overwhelmed by the heartfelt Experiences we'll form for you. Along with genuine traditional Japanese cultural encounters, meet Japanese locals that are passionate about their regions. Working the land, growing delicious produce, creating an art show in every sushi helping. Of course it wouldn't be Japan, if you didn't visit some of the many enlightening Temples and Shrines. Trust us, we know this land and we will show you exactly what you would like to see at any time span you have available

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My husband and I have just come back from the most amazing trip to Japan. We knew we wanted to go to Japan but that was all we knew. What to see, what to d we needed a little guidance in working this part out. Our travel co-ordinator, Amanadine, was wonderful. She listened to what we had to say, and formulated an itinerary that has left us wanting to return to Japan again and again. Before we left Australia she ensured that we had all the information we would need for our trip ranging from a detailed final itinerary to follow as well as city maps and simple instructions on how to move our suit cases between cities rather than taking them on the bullet trains. She had thought of everything! And knowing that we had someone in Japan that we could access if we had any concerns certainly was reassuring. Amanadine sourced quality hotels in each city together with very capable Guides for our personal tours around those cities. She organised our train travel and even on those days where we did not have a formal guide she provided us with must see places to visit and things to do together with all the necessary maps on how to get there. We cannot speak highly enough Amanadine, we will be definitely using them again. We were blown away with the beauty of the temples and shrines. The knowledge of our Guides in each of the Cities was incredible. We walked away learning so much about the rich culture and history of this place. Our experience at Hidatei Hanaougi in Takayama where we had our own private garden and private hot-springs, was utterly delightful. The traditional dinner and breakfast provided was wonderful. Our visit to Hiroshima left us wanting more. This is one city that we will be coming back to. Nijo Castle at Kyota was a huge highlight and we were amazed by the Nightingale floors. Walking around down town old Osaka with all its lights and bars and shops and restaurants, fantastic! Our whole holiday was memorable it is very hard to pin point.... READ MORE

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The ultimate tour to discover the main areas and cities of Japan.

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