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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Be overwhelmed by the heartfelt Experiences we'll form for you. Along with genuine traditional Japanese cultural encounters, meet Japanese locals that are passionate about their regions. Working the land, growing delicious produce, creating an art show in every sushi helping. Of course it wouldn't be Japan, if you didn't visit some of the many enlightening Temples and Shrines. Trust us, we know this land and we will show you exactly what you would like to see at any time span you have available

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The agent (Amandine) was phenomenal: professional, kind, helpful, dedicated. I would highly recommend her in particular and her agency, Experience Japan Travel,based in Osaka. We had one small mis-happening with one guide who was less perfect than the others. The rest of the trip was very much enjoyed by all. Kid one: the sheer amount of people on the street shopping and moving around Kid two: the kindness, politeness, and cleanliness of the Japanese people and their public places we encountered Father: the ease that the travel agent prep work and schedule and program created so that we were able to focus on the experience and the activities instead of the logistics that can always be a challenge in a foreign country. I would add two or three more days (at least one in Tokyo), one in Kyoto, one in Osaka. I would avoid the rainy season. I would better profile the guide profiles that would be best suited for our family. I would give permission for the guide to change or adjust or complement the things to do and things to see to enhance our experience.... READ MORE

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Golden Route Japan

The ultimate tour to discover the main areas and cities of Japan.

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"Miyama is a small historic Village abot 1.5 hours from Kyoto. There are 50 houses here, but 38 of these are traditional thatched roof houses."

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