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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Japan actually is a country which will let you get behind the scenes and let you try your hand at creating / producing Traditional Japanese Cuisine, confectionary, and a whole lot more. If you have a special interest in Japanese Tea or just don't want to take a normal souvenir back to your home country, we can arranged a behind the scenes experience in many different genre. Here is just a sample for you to contemplate - but the sky is the limit. If you have an interest in Lacquer-Ware, Kimono clothes, Ceramic making, Japanese Doll creation, etc, anything can be made possible.

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After offering my nephew a trip for his college graduation present, and he accepted, I could not have asked for a better experience than the one I had using Exprience Japan Travel. Working together, mostly Amandine working, an itinerary that included the things that my nephew was really interested in was put together. I had been to Japan several times before, so this really was his trip. Although, I had never attended a sumo match on previous trips, it was a highlight for both of us. The ceremony and fan participation was awesome to watch and by the end, we were as involved as everyone else! Amandine gave me so many great suggestions and the best one was to send the luggage on to the next hotel and not have to maneuver big suitcases on the Shinkansen. Thank you, thank you for that one! One thing that I was particularly pleased with were the excellent personal guides that Amandine organized for us. We had Mina in Tokyo and had so much fun with her. Amandine had organized a private sushi class for us and Mina took loads of photos of us while we prepared our sushi. I must admit we did not have to debone the beautiful yellow fin tuna, that was done in front of us and then we started the lesson and feasted on a beautiful meal. My nephew is a huge Japanese food fan so everyday was a great day! In Kyoto, we had a fabulous guide, Katsue, I can’t complement her enough. My nephew is a history major and he really soaked up a lot of history of Japan while we were traveling around the Kyoto area with Katsue. Hiroshima we did on our own. Self explanatory history lesson there. In Osaka we met up with Amandine and we had such fun with her. My nephew wanted Takoyaki and she took us right to a place for some street food Takoyaki. Next, DinDin City for some anime shopping which was definitely a topic that my nephew and Amandine could share. I was so pleased that she knew about anime, I knew nothing. The one thing that I would do differently is take fewer clothes and then I wouldn’t have had to purchase another suitcase to get all my treasures back home!! One last time, I would like to complement Amandine on her ability to connect with her clients and to show them all the best that Japan has to offer, which is a lot.... READ MORE

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"There are 5 theatres in Japan that offer Kabuki theatre productions (something similar to Opera, but different). However, the most famous is Kabukiza located in Ginza, Tokyo."

Scott Kent Osaka

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