“Japanese Culture” is a very broad word. It may mean the traditions that have been passed on for centuries. But it also may mean the Cuisine of Japan, or the Toilet (Toto) Culture here, or even the Drinking Culture. If you are interested in Japanese Rice Wine (Sake) or other types of Alcohol a similar tour like these clients experienced will be a once in a lifetime memory for you. Japanese Whisky has now become the number Whisky in the World to drink. This itinerary was also created for a Honeymoon couple for both some culture and some relaxing romance.

Day One (Osaka)

Welcome to Japan! After your arrival into Tokyo, you will be met by your English Speaking Guide, and then taken to Tokyo Central Station to board your First Bullet Train to Osaka. Enjoy the high speed train and even try some food or drinks from the Trolley Girl on board.
(Example Accommodation : Granvia Hotel Osaka)

Day Two (Osaka – Kobe) 

After viewing Osaka Castle, Dotonbori Canal area, your guide will take you to Kobe City which is approx.. 20 minutes from Osaka. Firstly see Meriken Park, Kitano District and then take in a Kobe Beef lunch, before transferring to Arima Onsen(Hot Spring) village at an elevated 937 meters. Your accommodation will be a Japanese Traditional Inn with a private Hot Springs bath in your room. Enjoy true Japanese Hospitality here, which is a must when this is your Honeymoon.
(Example Accommodation : Arima Gyoen Hotel)

Day Three (Kobe)

Enjoy a full free day at Arima Hot Springs village to fully appreciate this the village which has been around since the 900’s. Walk the streets, taste the local snacks, sit in a cafe, eat Japanese sweets, and even try some more of the public Hot Spring Baths. Two days here will really let you relax and enjoy each other’s company. Your dinner will be served in your Japanese Style room, and yet again a chance to try some Kobe beef in a different method of cooking.
(Example Accommodation : Arima Gyoen Hotel)

Day Four (Kobe – Nara – Kyoto)

As you are interested in Nara and all the Deer that roam the streets there, you will travel directly from Kobe to Nara with the English Guide (Luggage will be sent to the Kyoto Hotel). See the largest Buddha Statue in Nara, feed the deer and look at all the lanterns of Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Then transfer to Kyoto which is only 1 hour away, and will be your base for the next 3 nights. (Example Accommodation : Hotel Keihan Grande) 

Day Five (Kyoto)

Enjoy a full day in Kyoto visiting Kinkaku-ji Temple (= Golden Pavilion), Ryoan-ji Temple with its rock garden and then see the Arashiyama Area. After the Togetsukyo Bridge, walk the Bamboo grove and then be taken to the Monkey park where you can feed over 120 monkeys, but as humans, you are the ones in the cage. Tonight enjoy a Traditional Tofu meal beside the Kamogawa River.
(Example Accommodation : Hotel Keihan Grande) 

Day Six (Kyoto)

Be immersed in the Drinking Culture of Japan. Join the Yamazaki Whisky Tour. Take 80 minutes to walk the Yamazaki Factory. Enjoy tasting and making your own whisky drink. Next stop the Suntory Beer factory Tour. Then transfer to Fushimi which is famous for Sake production. See the museum and taste some of the rice wine. Close by is another location where you can taste 17 local Sake’s. See Fushimi Inari Shrine before heading to Central Kyoto for a Standing bar experience.
(Example Accommodation : Hotel Keihan Grande) 

Day Seven (Kyoto – Tokyo)

Transfer from Kyoto to Tokyo by the Bullet Train. Of course all seats are pre-booked. Once in Tokyo, transfer to your hotel and then just relax for the rest of the day. Enjoy the lights of Tokyo, and enjoy a casual meal at your hotel.
(Example Accommodation : Hotel Monterey Ginza)

Day Eight (Tokyo)

Meet with your private English Speaking Guide at the hotel and take public transport for your Tokyo Sightseeing today. Visit the Imperial Palace and it’s gardens, Asakusa Temple and Nakamise arcades, along with the up market Ginza area. Tonight, your dinner will be your own creation. Enjoy a Sushi making Lesson in Tokyo, and once you have created your masterpiece, have fun eating it too.
(Example Accommodation : Hotel Monterey Ginza)

Day Nine (Tokyo)

A full free day in Tokyo for you to explore one of the largest Cities in the World. If you are young, or even young at heart, head to Harajuku or Shinjuku to have your eyes opened at the trendy fashion that the young Japanese enjoy. Maybe also go to Shibuya to try your luck in crossing the scrambled crossing with all the other 2000 people at one time. Interested in Cafes, maybe an Owl Cafe in Akihabara is of interest too.
(Example Accommodation : Hotel Monterey Ginza)

Day Ten (Tokyo Airport)

After your Hotel check out, it only remains for you to be transferred to the Airport to connect you with your home-bound flight. We will miss you, but know that you will be leaving with some amazing memories. Even though your honeymoon, you have had some romance, seen wildlife and taken in the Tradition and Drinking cultures of Japan.