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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Matchmaking travellers with unforgettable Japan experiences. Experience Japan Travel is based in Osaka, only 30 minutes from the most visited city of Kyoto. Also the best access to Nara, Kobe, Himeji, Mt Koya and other popular destinations.

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"Miyama is a small historic Village abot 1.5 hours from Kyoto. There are 50 houses here, but 38 of these are traditional thatched roof houses."

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(Chad) Scott made planning incredibly easy and got us very excited long before we even left. every guide and assistant we had bent over backwards to make us fel welcome and ensure we had a great time. Even during one of the worst Typhoons Japan has seen we em we’re in constant contact and felt very well taken care of and on top of the situation with Scott and his team. We know that if we are ever able to make it back to that part of the world again, we will definitely use Zicasso. There are probably way too many to mention here; the food was amazing, every place we went we felt welcomed and that we were very lucky to be there. Whether it was a sports enthusiast trying to buy us beer just to see how many we could drink, or the snow monkeys following us in Kamikochi, we had the trip of a lifetime. A little less on some of the main sites, and look for things a little more off the beaten path. Maybe a museum or two instead. (Doug) I didn't want to let too much time elapse before writing to you and thanking you for the wonderful experience we had in Japan. To borrow a baseball analogy, you knocked it out of the park . Our accommodations were lovely, all of our English speaking assistants and tour guides were knowledgeable and pleasant, and there were no glitches when it came to train, bus, or attraction tickets (except, of course, these caused by the typhoon). We had a marvelous time in every city we visited, at least in part because you did such a masterful job of paving the way for us. It was also a treat and a bonus to get to meet you in person. (Meghan) It has been a wonderful break from the city up in Kamikochi. Our guide was awesome and we enjoyed the days of hiking and relaxing. (Jodie)We arrived at Kamikochi and loved it! It is absolutely beautiful and the fall weather was much anticipated!... READ MORE

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