It was made official yesterday (21 May 2020) that the Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture and Hyogo (Kobe, Himeji, etc) will ease the State of Emergency restrictions from 00:00 Hours on Saturday morning, 23 May).
This means people will still be asked to stay home as much as possible, but all restaurants, department stores, Theme parks, Zoos, Aquariums, will reopen. Restaurants will also no longer have to finish before 9 PM, as was the rule while we were under the State of Emergency.
Schools have already started with Students from Junior High School and High School asked to come to school at least twice before the end of May. From June, the number of days the students will go to school will increase, and Universities also plan to reopen.

This is excellent news for Osaka, Kyoto and the Hyogo prefecture, as there have been at least 7 days in Kyoto with no new reported Corona Virus cases, and 4 straight days for Hyogo Pefecture. Osaka had 3 cases announced yesterday (21 May).

It will take a while for the New Normal to fall in place, but without a doubt, this is definitely a major step in the right direction for Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto, and also the entire Japan nation.

There are currently now, only 5 areas that are still in a State of Emergency. These are all located in the Tokyo and surrounding areas (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanazawa, Saitama) as well as the Hokkaido Island. These locations will be reassessed on the 25th May.



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