To our valued customers and new customers that are planning to come to Japan.

Due to the dramatic increase in people coming to Japan, Japan is seeing a current problem of Over Tourism. It is not just the amount of people coming to Japan, but it also the increasing pressure put on the hotels, buses, and other suppliers.
There are still many sectors in the Japanese Tourism Industry that are also short staffed which adds to this problem.

We at Experience Japan Travel are currently seeing the reality of these suppliers (Hotels, Guides, and other Suppliers) and are also in the unfortunate situation were we are not receiving the replies as fast as we are wanting to. We currently are having to keep our valued clients waiting for their replies for approx. 1 month.

Due to the above situation, Experience Japan Travel, is currently stopping any new requests until this situation is made a little better.

For clients that have previously used our services, and for clients that have been referred to us by previous clients, we still will be able to take your new requests. However, please understand that the replies will take a little longer than they previously have,

To maintain our high standard of client satisfaction, as well as making sure our staff work-life balance is maintained, we thank you in advance for kind understanding and cooperation in this currently situation.

Kind regards, Experience Japan Travel Team



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