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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Check out these sample Itineraries and then contact us to create one especially for you. All our itineraries are tailor-made and these are samples that our clients have personally experienced.


Both my trip and my experience with Experience Japan Travel exceeded expectations. As I was tacking travel onto the end of conference attendance, I only had a lmited amount of time. Scott from Experience Japan Travel helped me to maximize that time and focus my experience on both Kyoto highlights and some hidden gems. He worked with me to understand my "must sees" and recommended other important stops based on his local knowledge-- many of which ended up being my favorite spots. Scott also knew that I was a hobbyist photographer and that having time to take photos when sites where less crowded was important, as such, he arranged for some earlier pick up times to beat the mobs of tourists. Scott was incredibly responsive to my emails, made numerous changes to my itinerary (as my plans were altered several times during working together), and answered countless questions (many just general questions about Japan travel, what to pack, getting around, etc). I felt incredibly well taken care of, and this is VITAL when you are a solo female traveler. I knew that if anything had gone wrong or come up during my trip, it would have been addressed right away...but, nothing went wrong! Everything from start to finish was seamless. I came home with incredible memories and an even greater love and respect for an amazing country and culture. It's truly hard to pick one (or two). As I was there during the peak of fall foliage in November, several times the garden views of reds, yellows, and oranges simply took my breath away. While the Silver Pavilion is not as 'flashy' as the Golden Pavilion, the gardens were just incredible and made the Silver Pavilion one of my favorite stops. The less popular Kosanji temple was a hidden gem that spoke to me personally, for it's gorgeous approach through the trees, it's garden, and it's location in the mountain valley-- I found it so peaceful and pleasant (and joked with my guide that I wanted to retire there...). I would stay longer so I could explore more of Japan beyond Kyoto. Scott helped me to maximize my time and I really felt like I got to see a lot of Kyoto and surrounding areas (while at the same time barely scratching the surface of this amazing cultural paradise!)-- it made me realize that Japan has SO much to offer and I look forward to coming back to explore more of the country as soon as I can manage it.... READ MORE

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