On 05 July 2020, after an extended gap, the Children’s Book Forest (Kodomo-no-mori) Library was officially opened in Osaka. The Library was designed and donated to Osaka City by the very famous architect Mr Tadao Ando, who was born in Osaka also. Of course the architectural style of the library is World Class, but the theme of the Library can teach us all something. Below is the quick letter that Mr Ando wrote to coincide with the opening.

” The World is one.
I want the children of today, that will eventually carry our society forward, to be healthy, free and fly towards their future. In order to do this, it is important to read books from a young age, and to nurture their perception and creativity (imagination).
With the opening of the Children’s book Forest, I hope that it will be a location where each child finds that one special book that will carry them through the rest of their lives”. – Ando Tadao.

The Children’s Book Forest was designed by Mr Tadao Ando, and physically built by the famous Takenaka Corporation that has hundreds of years experience in Japan, and started out building shrines and temples.
If you are a serious lover or professional architect, the Children’s Book Forest as well as the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum (Location in Kobe City, and the only museum of carpentry tools in Japan) may need to be on your “to visit” list, when you next come to Japan.

Currently, you can book online to enter the Children’s Book Forest.



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